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Meet Deborah Oleck…

After an extensive and diverse career as an educator, I sought training and obtained credentials in the area of coaching. The most valuable experience, however, was raising two children who experienced academic challenges and issues regarding executive functions. So I understand well the issues that prevent smart students from performing to their potential — academically, personally and socially. Collaboration, communication and honesty are key components to the coaching partnership. Ultimately, students develop the confidence, self-awareness and academic skills necessary to reach their goals. They are self-motivated and capable of managing their academic and personal lives effectively.

Because it is important to see every student as a whole person, I am curious about what “makes them tick” outside of the classroom. Be it sports, art, dance, music, drama, outdoor life…whatever it is, I am interested in hearing about it and have learned so much about the talents, passions and dreams of these interesting young people.

Thank you for your interest in coaching. I’d love to speak with you about your child and how coaching might be beneficial to them.


“Deb Oleck worked tirelessly to identify our daughter’s strengths and her individual challenges and assisted her with developing strategies to maximize her potential.  As a direct result, we have watched our daughter mature into a more conscientious, responsible student. She has developed better time-management strategies and is more comfortable advocating for herself! Focus Academic Coaching is the total package….professional, compassionate and effective!”  

-Rhonda C, parent

“Deb Oleck was an invaluable resource for my son.  His level of responsibility and self awareness greatly improved.  He has used the knowledge he gained from Deb to be more independent especially as he moves into the college application process.  He learned about his own strengths and weaknesses and has learned how to compensate when needed and has a much better sense of when to ask for help.  Deb was and continues to be a great asset to our son’s learning. “

-Jackie L, parent

“I applaud you for embracing the role of “Coach” with my son.  He has become much more comfortable managing his “life activities” at Tower Hill since you began working with him in December 2015.  I use the term “life activities” because his days at Tower Hill consist of much more than just academics.  He seems to thrive by remaining involved with extra-curricular opportunities at school including music, theatre, athletics and clubs.   

My son has become much more focused on managing his short and longer term school obligations.  The feedback and grades from his teachers have been very positive this semester and he seems increasingly confident and cognizant of the importance of developing his working relationships with teachers.

I remain so pleased that you’ve been able to help my son begin to realize his goals. His challenges and successes now are very meaningful as he develops confidence in himself while contemplating life after THS.” 

-Susan N, parent

“I was having trouble planning for upcoming assignments, but with the help of coaching, I can manage my time tremendously better. Studying for tests and quizzes was hard. I did not know where to start. With coaching, I understand how and when to study. Time management was a big issue for me as well. The weekly meetings have allowed me to stay on top of my assignments and not hall behind. My grades have really improved with coaching”

-Joe S, student

“Deb has been an amazing source of support for our son, helping him to develop strategies to prioritize and organize his workload so that he can work to his full potential.  She has really gotten to know him and has built a great rapport with him, gaining his trust and respect, which has created an atmosphere of collaboration between the two of them that is highly effective.  He has grown into a more self-sufficient, conscientious student with the help of Deb and we are grateful to have such a great resource in her!”

-Ann S, parent